‘Leader In Me’ Programme: CCC Front Line – By Anne Cooper

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Anne Cooper

EARLIER THIS year ambassadors volunteering with the CCC Learning & Development Academy took on the challenge to visit Downside Fisher Youth Club in Bermondsey,  to recruit youngsters and run a personal development plan called ‘The Leader in Me’ Programme.

The programme was aimed at 16 – 22 yr olds and took place one evening each week, over a two month period. In the normal run of things, such a programme would have cost a company tens of thousands of pounds to deliver to their staff, but on this occasion CCC was able to provide it on a pro bono basis.

The programme, which ran for 8 weeks, concluded with a graduation ceremony at Downside Fisher, which took place on 25th July.

“The success of this programme went way beyond all expectations.

“We watched many of the young people grow in confidence and aspiration, which was deeply rewarding. We are now in discussion to run another programme next year and are looking at securing funding.”

Simon Phillips worked with Academy Heads Cliff Ferguson and Guy Insull and Academy Lead, John Meredith, in designing the course.  Forbes Lowe provided the design/branding (Forbes Design www.forbesdesign.co.uk).

Simon also contributed time and effort to help get the programme off the ground. John was the main man, opening and closing every session and delivering two popular sessions himself.

“Massive thanks go as well to Darren, Vanda, Gabi, ‘rock da house’ Garth and James for their turbo charged sessions.”


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