Calling all Trainers – by Tom Morrell

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MY NAME is Tom Morrell and I am helping the Champions Club Community Leadership Academy to create a pool of facilitators who have the skill and experience to deliver a training programme to young people.

Below you will find out more information about Champions Club Community (CCC) and the ‘Leader in Me’ programme. Should you feel that you can contribute to running the programme as a facilitator then I invite you to follow the guidance and register your interest.

To be clear, at this stage CCC is still bidding for the privilege of delivering the programme.

The programme has already been piloted and approved and we are at the final stages in our effort to secure the bid, which we expect to win.

Our intention is to identify at least 50 facilitators who are in a position to deliver the programme, which we anticipate, will start later this autumn.

Assuming that the CCC bid is successful for this large opportunity, and we fully expect it to be, then those facilitators who have expressed an interest in running the programme will be invited to attend a selection process.

More information about our success in securing this bid will be available towards the latter part of September, when I will provide further information.

The ‘Leader in Me’ Programme.

The ‘Leader in Me’ programme has been designed and piloted by the CCC Leadership Academy. It is an eight module programme for young people who are making the key transition to college, university or work.

The young people who benefit from this programme are predominantly those who may have experienced deprivation or difficulty in the past and are in particular need of support.

The eight week programme split into 8 modules:

Establishing Self-Belief

Developing Personal Effectiveness

Using my Turbo Charged Brain (memory/speed reading/learning techniques)

Building Great Relationships

Performing Under Pressure

Communicating Confidently (including dealing with difficult conversations)

Be Unstoppable

Leadership and Teamwork

More details about the programme will be available in due course.

You will be an experienced facilitator/trainer who is able to engage effectively with young people in an inspiring way. You will be expected to facilitate just one of the modules twice in one day to two different groups, or during an evening where the programme will be delivered over a period of eight weeks.

The target audience is young people aged 15 – 21, initially in youth clubs, but possibly later in schools and youth offender institutions.

Initially the programme will be delivered inLondon, but this is potentially a large contract and we expect to deliver it in other parts of the country in due course.

Why Register?

This programme provides a fantastic opportunity for facilitators who wish to make a difference in the lives of young people that are experiencing hugely challenging market conditions.

Alongside competitive remuneration, the profile of successful applicants will be enhanced both through exposure on the CCC website and through their involvement in this community centred initiative.

Register expression of interest

If you would like to be considered for this opportunity I would ask that you return your profile using the version of the Profile Form that you can download here (Click here to download file)

Please keep to the precise format and use only one page. Please add your photo (photo must be a .jpeg) so that everyone’s details can be collated. Those who express interest at this stage will be included in a photo gallery on the CCC website, which will help to demonstrate to the client our capability to deliver the programme.

Once you have completed the form forward it to me by e-mail at together with your contact details.

Comments, please to:

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